Promote Women’s Empowerment and Education

Promote Women’s Empowerment and Education

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We strongly feel that education is the one thing every child in the world deserves. But it breaks our heart to know that more than 3 million children are living on the streets of India and about 50% of children still long for a school. Promoting education is the only answer.

Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School located in Jagdish Chowk, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India has close and emotional ties with the House of Mewar. When girls’ education was not a popular idea, and most girls grew up doing household work and getting married at a young age, Maharana Shambhu Singhji of Udaipur brought a wave of change. He took an unconventional step and constructed Maharana Girls High School in 1864 A.D. at Jadgish Chowk, Udaipur. Today, this school comes under the Directorate of Education, Government of Rajasthan, and is a place where 500 students learn with a dream of a better life.

Unfortunately over the years, the school’s classrooms, building, entrance, utilities, and laboratories were on their way to becoming ruins. The school no longer looked like a school, and due to the historical connection and the idea of empowering these girl students, we took on the task of upgrading the educational environment and infrastructure along with the help of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation.

Thanks to your donations we successfully accomplished this project! We completed the conservation work of the school’s administrative block, restored the western open courtyard, developed a science and mathematics laboratory and advanced the learning facilities for the students all around.

If the thought of brightening a child’s future inspires you, you can help us build and aid more schools like Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School.

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