Provide Preventive Healthcare

Provide Preventive Healthcare

Ongoing Projects

Preventive healthcare doesn’t stop at physical health. Mental health is just as important, and we are proud to support Harvard Medical School’s Global Mental Health initiative to address disparities and curate an online curriculum to train mental health workers in the development and delivery of psychological therapies.

The Friends of Mewar Fund in Global Mental Health of $100,000 ($20,000 a year for 5 years from 2019 – 2023) is the primary financial support for the initiative.

Since 2019, the Fund has supported program activities like the following:

  • Community Events like interdisciplinary workshops, in-person research seminars, virtual webinar series in light of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, etc.
  • A program coordinator staff member for the initiative that is responsible for the administrative tasks, personnel management, event programming, multimedia communications, etc.
  • Student Research Assistant Program to support student training in research activities.

With your help we can continue to support mental health projects like this for many years to come!

Rural communities in Rajasthan are comprised of a high proportion of tribal populations living in scattered and poorly accessible habitations. The population lives in abject poverty, and young children are often left in the care of older siblings, grandparents, or even left alone by themselves as their fathers migrate to other cities and states for work, and their mothers deal with a myriad of chores from farming, tending to livestock, cooking, etc. These factors contribute to high levels of malnutrition.

Our partner, Basic HealthCare Services, began running child care centers called phulwaris (meaning a bed of flowers) for young children to provide them a nurturing environment, nutritious food, engagement, and play for cognitive development housed in the center of villages managed by two local women trained in childcare and nutrition.

The centers operate from 9 am to 5 pm and provide 3 nutritious meals that ensure approximately 100% of the daily protein requirement and 70% of the daily calorie requirement for a child. In addition, outreach workers provide growth monitoring and nutrition education to families and promote kitchen gardens and poultry for household food security.

Our goal is to help support 3 existing phulwaris while also helping with the start and implementation of 3 additional phulwaris by February 2023!

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in India and are responsible for over 60% of all cases of blindness in India. The goal of this project is to cover the cost of as many cataract surgeries as we can. This includes the cost of surgery, the transportation to and from the hospital for patients who reside in remote rural and underdeveloped tribal regions, pre and post-operative care, surgical equipment, checkups and follow-ups, food, accommodations, and much more.

This project supports our partner, Alakh Nayan Mandir, a public charitable trust established in 1997 in Rajasthan, India, whose mission is to provide quality eye care to all segments of society and especially those who are deprived of treatment due to lack of funds. Their team has worked tirelessly to provide free and subsidized treatment to thousands of people while also rendering outreach ophthalmic services in remote villages as well.

They have done over 100,000 operations (60% of which were free), over 941,000 sight restoring treatments (40% of which were free), and 3,400 eye check-up camps in and around Udaipur for blindness prevention and sight restoration.

We strongly believe that their inspiring work should not stop so the goal of our project is to cover the cost of as many Cataract surgeries as we can. Sight restoration will benefit these vulnerable populations leading to a significant quality of life improvement for those who receive aid.

As of September 2021 we have donated funds to cover 160 free Cataract surgeries and through your help we can continue to support even more!

Delivering uninterrupted health care, including COVID-related care, is paramount to the quality of life. Compromised access to healthcare leads to a downward spiral increasing disease in the population, declining livelihoods, and staggering wages causing daily life to be interrupted and dismounted. We have partnered with Basic HealthCare Services, a nonprofit organization, tracking and containing the spread of COVID in high-migration communities across Southern Rajasthan.

Basic HealthCare Services strives to enable marginalized and vulnerable communities lead a healthy life. BHS provides high quality and responsive primary healthcare for those who need it most by upholding the values of commitment, dignity, equity, excellence, and integrity.

By working through a network of primary healthcare clinics, day-care and nutrition centers, and a primary health center in partnership with the government of Rajasthan, BHS has been able to address access and quality issues of healthcare while bringing aid to impoverished communities. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted efforts to continue these critical efforts which then adversely affects the patients and communities BHS is trying to help significantly.

Our goal is to vaccinate 5000 people within a year’s timeframe in rural and marginalized communities. Due to the limited resources and communications in rural and remote populations, we are actively working to promote trust and dispel fears that otherwise would have had many avoid vaccination leading to the virus spreading further.

Strengthening health facilities and setting up health and wellness centers will also enable us to provide preventative healthcare to hundreds of patients including women in regards to care during pregnancy and childbirth as well as treating severe acute malnutrition in children, and aid those suffering from tuberculosis.

Through the shared values, passion, and goals of Friends of Mewar and BHS, we will be able to provide care to people who are often overlooked and watered down to a statistic. Making a real change and impact in people’s lives is paramount to not only the livelihood and continued health of these communities, but will serve as an example to all about how we can reach out and be that helping hand.

Providing this crucial aid to those most impacted should be amplified and supported in every facet.

We are committed to supporting BHS through this project from July 2021 – July 2022 with $30,000 and with your help we can continue to better equip the region with more preventive healthcare support!

Completed Projects

Our partner, Basic HealthCare Services (BHS), is a non-for-profit organization which provides a responsive, empathetic primary health ‘circle of care’, that is rooted in the community in Udaipur. Established in 2012 they are driven by the vision of a healthcare ecosystem where the most vulnerable communities can actively access healthcare with dignity.

BHS has been working through a network of 6 primary healthcare clinics, day care and nutrition centers, and a primary health center in partnership with the government of Rajasthan to not only address the issues of healthcare access and quality, but also to recognize and influence the conditions of povery.

Their primary healthcare services specifically focus on maternal and child health services by providing safe childbirth services and care to about 500 women and their newborns. Unfortunately, there is a high risk of hypothermia (a significant and potentially dangerous drop in body temperature due to prolonged exposure to cold) that increases the risk of disease and deaths.

Although the rural clinics did have some a form of heat through blower heaters they were making the environment too dry with an added risk of overheating the newborns in some cases as well. To combat this, we have supported their clinics with the funds to acquire proper heaters to keep the babies safe and warn in the rural primary healthcare clinics thanks to your continued support!


In a study conducted by Ernst & Young, by the end of 2025, India will need 175 million additional beds. This can overwhelm anyone, but the fact is 80% of patients can avoid suffering if provided with preventive health care. We have taken the first small step and have joined hands with one of India’s most considerate eye institute: Alakh Nayan Mandir in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Alakh Nayan Mandir is a public charitable trust established in 1997 with a mission to provide quality eye care to all segments of society, especially those who are deprived of treatment due to lack of funds. Their team has worked tirelessly to provide free and subsidized treatment to thousands of people and rendering outreach ophthalmic services in remote villages.

They have done almost 100,000 operations (60% of which were free), over 941,000 sight-restoring treatments (40% of which were free), and 3,400 eye check-up camps in and around areas of Udaipur for blindness prevention and sight restoration.

Our aim was to reinforce the trust’s mission and developed a Patient’s Ward in the region to provide world-class eye-care for those in need. Thanks to your donations we were able to do just that by supporting the development of a new patient’s ward spread over 2,500 square feet with 48 beds, a nursing care station, and a patient examination room along with the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (the charitable hand of the House of Mewar).

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