Padmaja Kumari Parmar has always been someone who treats life as a bigger possibility. She comes from a house that considers society as an extension of family and is historically committed to help its people become empowered and independent.

From a childhood spent in the culture-rich city of Udaipur to a fast-paced work life in New York, she has had her share of success and experiences. She is the Executive Director business development for HRH Group of hotels, she was a part of the advisory board of Bvlgari hotel, London and is a member of Cricket Club of India in Mumbai.

She is aware of her responsibilities and trusts in the day when she will see an India where children are not remote to schools and diseases don’t take lives before time. Her roots and love for her culture has shaped her idea of Friends of Mewar with a dream to create a community that makes this part of the world an example of change and inspiration. With Boston as her home, she has taken the three causes of education, health and culture across boundaries to bring together people who share her passion.